LMT Continuing Education

Besides offering high quality, professional massage, bodywork, and spa services, I offer continuing education courses for Texas licensed massage therapists (LMTs) who need CEUs as a part of our two-year re-certification requirement by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

For Texas, I am a massage therapy instructor (MTI) and a massage therapy CE provider, so I can teach massage therapy subject matter AND issue those all-important Certificates of Attendance which are required by TDLR as proof of CE hours earned. My courses are typically correspondence, blended, or face-to-face. Correspondence courses are taught remotely, whereas blended courses are those where students review foundational information about a subject on their own, then meet in person where hands-on instruction is offered. Face-to-face courses are 100% hands-on instruction.

If the demand requires, I am prepared to offer certain courses in an online format, but due to the cost involved to do this, I am compromising and offering my courses in a “correspondence” fashion. Correspondence courses are conducted long-distance vie email, text, phone, and video conferencing to cover foundational instruction and homework. Face-to-face meetings are typically, but not always, conducted at my practice here in Carrollton, Texas.


Teaching Adult Learners” – 30 CEUs – $325
Course description: The goal of this correspondence course is to help you learn how to teach adult learners, which meets one of the requirements to obtain a Massage Therapy Instructor license through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation “TDLR”.  The act of teaching is simply empowering others with knowledge, competences, or values.  One can teach any kind of topic to any person, but how one approaches the act of teaching and to whom can be a rewarding experience, or a disappointment.  The goal of this at-home course is to help you learn how to teach adults a topic in massage therapy so that the outcome will be rewarding and will empower them to acquire the knowledge, competences, or values they seek to meet their specific goals. No traveling required! All instruction is provided via email, phone, and/or video conferencing.

“MT Marketing That Works” – 3 CEUs – $90
Course description: If you operate your own practice and are looking for tips and methods that can affordably bring you more first-time and repeat clients, or you need the CEUs as a requirement for re-certification, then consider these valuable and proven marketing strategies for your massage therapy practice.  During this correspondence course, we will cover fundamentals of marketing as it relates to massage therapy and then look at a real-world example of some of the marketing strategies tried in a massage therapy private practice along with their results.  Once this course is complete, you will have a better understanding of this necessary evil called marketing and a framework to build your own strategies to help you reach your professional and financial goals.

Himalayan Salt (Hot) Stone Massage” – 3 CEUs – $90
Course description: If you operate your own practice and want to increase your income, or want to add to your skill set to use at work, or need the CEUs as a requirement for re-certification, then consider implementing Himalayan Salt (Hot) Stone Massage into your profession.  Himalayan salt (with that famous shade of pink) has been around for millions of years; now you can discover a new and wonderful way of using it in this popular modality.  Himalayan stone massage is a beneficial treatment that provides a new level of relaxation for your clients as you use warm, hand-carved salt stones from the Himalayan Mountains.  With 84 essential nutrients and minerals, the 100 percent pure salt from these stones will remineralize your client’s skin to deliver an increased level of wellness and replenish with benefits that go beyond skin deep.

Hot Stone (Basalt) Massage – 3 CEUs – $90
Course description: If you operate your own practice and want to increase your income, or want to add this to your skill set to use at work, or need the CEUs as a requirement for re-certification, then consider learning this useful modality.  Hot stone massage is an ancient technique used by Native Americans and Europeans as early as 1500 B.C.  Intended to be extremely relaxing, a hot stone massage involves the placement of sanitized, warmed, smooth rocks (usually basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat) on different parts of the body in conjunction with traditional massage techniques like Swedish massage.  Heated stones can also be used with applied pressure by the massage therapist during treatment for firm pressure and deep tissue work.  Cool stones may also be used to address muscle injury.

“Prenatal Massage” – 3 CEUs – $90
Course description: Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage is a 3 CEU hands-on course with foundational information taken via correspondence and actual prenatal training taken one-on-one to help you know and understand how to provide an effective and safe massage for expectant mothers. There are many prenatal massage courses available to choose from, but what makes this course unique and very useful to LMTs is that during the hands-on training, I show you my 50-minute routine that has helped women across north Texas manage the physical stress and strain of pregnancy.  You can take my routine and adopt it to suit your needs.  Upon completion of this course, you too can provide this important healthcare service while growing your profession and practice.

“Self-Care for MTs Made Easy” – 3 CEUs – $90
Course description: This course, specifically designed for LMTs, is a combination correspondence and live course to help you feel your best as you help clients do the same, by focusing on personal health and wellness with special emphasis on building stamina and endurance to promote good body mechanics and deep tissue and pressure massage techniques.  This 3 CEU course offers 1 hour of foundational material that you cover on your own, then 2 hours in a live session where health and wellness activities are put into practice to jump-start your self-care routine.

Add-On’s That Make You Money” – 6 CEUs – $150
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