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Harry L. Winn, LMT, MTI, M.Ed.

Massage therapy is my fifth career (and my last). I have been a lifelong learner and have found learning about the massage therapy profession to be just, if not more rewarding than the other careers I have had.

I graduated from high school in 1981 in the top 25% of my class of 825 students. I then went to trade school to learn heating and air conditioning, but soon discovered my love for computers, so I went back to trade school and earned my AAS in Computer Science.

After working in the information technology field for several years, I was given an opportunity to teach what I knew so well, so I taught adult education and computer science courses at my junior college. I discovered I had a talent for educating others and felt that I should try to positively affect the academic and professional lives of the students I taught, so I went back to school and earned my BAAS in Applied Technology and a M.Ed. in Higher Education.

I obtained an academic position at a local university where I did many tasks, but my favorite ones were academic advising and teaching computer science courses. However, after doing this work for almost 10 years, I found I needed another career change, so I decided to go to massage therapy school. I chose this career because I have always enjoyed helping people, but to this point that help never extended to the allied health care arena, so completing the massage curriculum was particularly challenging.

I want to be your massage therapist. Not only have I studied hard, earned my credentials, and have ample experience, but I also work hard because I want my clients to be absolutely satisfied with the work I perform on them. My business (and personal) philosophy is to help guys feel better in the best way I know how.

My motto really does reflect what my goal is for you, “To provide professional massage to the Pained and Stressed – with Calm and Care”.

On a personal note, I live in a home in north Carrollton with a loving spouse and children of the four-legged variety. I love science fiction, food, travel, and being with family and friends.