Castle Hills Massage Web Reboot!

Welcome to my brand new web site for Castle Hills Massage! There are a few changes and improvements to note as you check out my new cyber studio. Changes include:

  • A new look but the same feel as the original
  • Still easy to understand and navigate
  • Online booking removed to foster an “on demand” environment
  • Out call offerings have been expanded
  • Massage therapist online school section to provide CEUs for LMTs
  • A blog section where I can post news, specials, and more!
  • Clients can post reviews and responses to news and info. I provide

ALSO, Castle Hills Massage is approaching it’s two year anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been two years since I opened my practice. I’ve seen many new clients get on my table, and a number of repeat bookings. I’ll continue to increase my rebook numbers in an effort to strengthen my practice, but I’m always open to new clients!

If you have any comments or questions regarding my web site design or the information contained therein, please send me an email at and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Published by Harry Winn

I am a licensed massage therapist in Texas. My long-time fascination and wonder of the human body has lead me to a pursuit of the medical profession surrounding Complementary and Alternative Medicine that positively impacts the stressed, hurt, and healing every day.

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